Art 1, 2 (cp)

Art 1: 2- Dimensional Design in Black and White, the first semester, focuses on the areas of line and contour drawing, conceptual design, perspective, textures and color theory in grays. The assignments are designed to create projects that meet the 5 content strands of the Visual Art Standards, with individual student work that focuses on the elements of art and design: line, black and white color use, shape/form texture, value and space.
Art 2: 2- Dimensional Design in Color, the second semester, continues the instruction in art theory and applies conceptual design and color theory. The projects focus on spatial design, color analysis, contrasting colors, vibrating, repeating images and the psychological effects of color. Assignments are designed to cover the same 5 content strands, and include projects that develop color harmony, achromatic and monochromatic color mixtures, and color that produces feelings, sensations and optical illusions. This is a one-year, 10-unit course