• In this beginning keyboarding course, the student will master touch operation on a computer keyboard. Correct fingering by touch and good techniques will receive primary emphasis; speed and accuracy will be given secondary emphasis. The student will use basic word processing functions on a variety of document types. Students in Computers will be required to keep a typing log and submit typing tests and assignments. They will take a final typing exam to document typing speed and accuracy. Students will also learn and utilize Google Applications such as Google Docs, Presentations, Drawing, Spreadsheet, and Forms.
  • Career Planning acquaints students in choosing a career suitable to them. Involves a systematic approach to making a career choice, covering self-assessment, decision-making techniques, and current occupational information. Appropriate for those undecided as to a career direction or who wish to obtain more career information prior to focusing their academic studies. Students will complete a pre-approved final project for this course.
    This is a one-semester, 5-unit course or one-year, 10-unit course.

  • Art 1: 2- Dimensional Design in Black and White, the first semester, focuses on the areas of line and contour drawing, conceptual design, perspective, textures and color theory in grays. The assignments are designed to create projects that meet the 5 content strands of the Visual Art Standards, with individual student work that focuses on the elements of art and design: line, black and white color use, shape/form texture, value and space.
    Art 2: 2- Dimensional Design in Color, the second semester, continues the instruction in art theory and applies conceptual design and color theory. The projects focus on spatial design, color analysis, contrasting colors, vibrating, repeating images and the psychological effects of color. Assignments are designed to cover the same 5 content strands, and include projects that develop color harmony, achromatic and monochromatic color mixtures, and color that produces feelings, sensations and optical illusions. This is a one-year, 10-unit course
  • This course focuses primarily on students' personal health. It is wellness-based and offers students an opportunity to learn skills that could help them throughout their lives. This course will also give students the skills they need to stand up to peer pressure, avoid risky behaviors, and develop the resilience they need to handle the changes they'll face during their school years...and throughout their lives. Students will complete a pre-approved final project for this course. This is a one-semester, 5-unit course or a one-year, 10-unit course

  • This course focuses on the multifaceted needs of the beginning journalism by introducing students to all phases of yearbook production. Students in this course will learn the skills of Journalism, Layout & Design, Marketing, Sales & Advertising, Photography, and Graphic Design. Classroom activities are closely related to the real world of interviewing, reporting, meeting deadlines and producing a widely viewed publication.

    Why Is the School Yearbook Important to the School?

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  • Course Overview: In this class, we will plan, design, create, sell, finance and distribute the yearbook. Each day in class we will sharpen our journalistic and photography skills as we develop our book. The finished product will be completely student-generated. Ultimately, you are responsible for what is published in the book. Though your adviser will guide you to strive for a quality end-product, it is up to you to follow through and do what’s necessary to create the best yearbook possible. This course is counts as an Elective for high school students. It can be taken every year in high school.